I have been exploring and photographing the wet jungles, creeks and prairies all over Florida. It is my hope that by sharing my images of these fragile places that others will understand the need to cherish and protect these tranquil lands.

Large Format Film

My film image are printed by hand in the darkroom on Silver Gelatin Paper. All images are selenium toned and archival quality.


The Swamps of Florida 


The Creeks, Streams and Rivers of Florida


Coastal images of Florida and beyond

The Everglades

The Everglades of Florida


Featuring images that capture the beauty of the forest


A gallery featuring images of cattle in their natural environment

Touched by Man

Images of man made subjects

John Brady Photography Darkroom

This is my Darkroom where I still make traditional silver gelatin photographs. I started doing traditional film photography and darkroom work a half century ago, I’m still at it today. My equipment and lab are the stuff I would once dream of having, I try to never loose site of just how fortunate I am!

My enlarger was built in England, it is capable of handling my 8x10 negatives and making prints up to 30x40 inches...