I have been exploring and photographing the wet jungles, creeks and prairies all over Florida. It is my hope that by sharing my images of these fragile places that others will understand the need to cherish and protect these tranquil lands.


The Everglades, is a vast wetland ecosystem spanning over 2.5 million acres in southern Florida, it is a haven for diverse flora and fauna. Famously named the "river of grass," by Marjory Stonemason Douglas, the Everglades is characterized by a slow, southward flow of water from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico, nurturing a tapestry of sawgrass prairies, mangrove forests, and hardwood hammocks...

The Florida Gallery

Florida is a state that is known for its beautiful beaches, but there is much more to the state than just sand and surf. The Everglades, lakes, swamps, and prairies of Florida are the real secret to this state's natural beauty.

Florida Cattle Lands

Florida's cattle land, when most people think of Florida, they think of beaches, golf courses, and Disney. There is so much more to this state. Drive through the center of the state and you will go back in time to the Real Florida. Like a Land Remembered, Cattle, Palms and Prairies wait for you.

Everglades and Florida landscape photography