Round Key #1

The Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, FL


The Ten Thousand islands are located all along the southern peninsula of Florida. These barrier islands are a place of solitude and magic. Things in the Ten Thousand aren't always serene though, they are the South Florida coasts first line of defense when tropical storms and hurricanes make landfall during the summer months. The violence of these storms shapes the landscape and the trees that live on the edges develop an enormous amount of character, this is one of those trees.

As the storm was bearing down on me I was getting ready to make my escape, instead I decided to walk to the back side of the island when I saw this scene come to life. My 4x5 Ebony was on my tripod over my shoulder when I spotted this tree. At about the same moment a shaft of sunlight broke through an opening in the clouds and lit the tree and the sandbar and the sand that was suspended by the rushing tide. I knew I had to act fast so I planted my tripod and camera, pushed in a film holder and guessed at about a one second exposure at f22 with a dark red filter. As quick as I snapped off the shutter the scene went dark and the rain and lightening began. Photo © copyright by John Brady.

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Loose prints are available on high quality paper, printed to the very high standards by the artist. They will have approximately a one inch reveal where the image will be signed and labeled. The dimensions will be to the outside of the paper. They can be matted, mounted and framed by your local framer. All images will be cropped by the artist to fit the dimension. 11x14 loose prints will be labeled and signed electronically.

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My matted and mounted images are mounted to an archival backer board, typically cold mounted with Coda Cold Mount 1 adhesive. An archival white mat is then adhered over top of the image with a 4in border and then a 1/2in paper border, allowing space for signature and title on the image, creating the look of a double border. The dimensions are to the outside of the matt and backer, not the image which will be approximately 10in smaller in each direction. They will be ready to frame by your local framer. All images will be cropped by the artist to fit the dimension.

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“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.” – Ansel Adams

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